Michel Fiffe Turns To Crowdfunding Site RocketHub To Get Zegas #2 Funding

By Danica Davidson

If you’ve been reading the comics we have here at MTV Geek, you might be familiar with Zegas. It’s about the Zegas siblings Boston and Emily and their adventures (or, you know, misadventures). The work is written and illustrated by Michel Fiffe, who is currently seeking funding to get out the second issue. He’s put together a trailer to let people know what’s going on, so check it out:

He’s using RocketHub to get the necessary $4,000 to cover printing costs. “[Zegas’s] success relies on a grassroots, word-of-mouth approach,” Fiffe said on his website. “I’m trying to make this self publishing thing happen so Zegas could exist. No matter what, it’s still gotta go up against every other book, small press or not, so this is paying for its fighting chance.”

This certainly isn’t an unheard-of venture in the comics world. A number of graphic novelists have been using websites like RocketHub and Kickstarter to get enough donations in order to fund their projects.

“Boston and Emily Zegas are orphaned siblings living together in a dreamlike backdrop where they deal with sex and death, not necessarily in that order,” Fiffe said about his comic. “It's a color coded slice-of-life story set on the stylized platform I've designed from the ground up. The architecture, the fashion, and law of physics may be not be familiar, but the character dynamics are.”

Fiffe is also offering T-shirts, prints and original artwork.

“Spread the word!” he wrote. “Even if you can’t donate at this moment, I’d appreciate the word getting out any way possible!”

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