A Psychedelic Stallion: MOTUC Swiftwind Review

"Behold the Unisus!" No, that's not right. "The Pegacorn cometh!" Nope. Once again, that doesn't sound very majestic. While we're not sure what to call Swiftwind, the latest release of She-Ra's steed in Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line is definitely a great looking horse...with wings... and a horn. Join us as we take a closer look at Spirit to see if he's worthy of being a Thoroughbred-- or if he's destined for the glue factory!

According to the back of Swiftwind's box:

Swiftwind: Beautiful Horse, Spirit, Becomes Magical Flying Unicorn (mystery solved)

Real Name: Spirit

A magical steed from Etheria, Spirit served Adora during her time as Force Captain of the Horde Army. Loyal to Adora, not the horde, Spirit stayed with her after Adora learned of her true heritage and joined the Great Rebellion. Enhanced by Adora's newly acquired Sword of Protection, Spirit was transformed into She-Ra's flying mount swiftwind, heroically carrying the Princess of Power into battle. Swiftwind remained with She-Ra, traveling with her from Etheria to Eternia to join with the renegade Masters of the Universe in the continued fight against Hordak and his armies.

Okay, first things first: The Four Horsemen definitely know how to sculpt a horse! We're not making any judgements on just how many hours the guys spend staring at and/or brushing their equine brethren, but it has totally paid off once again. As some of you may be aware, this isn't the first time around when it comes to horses-- they created the phenomenal Headless Horsemen box set when they were still in the employ of McFarlane Toys. Swiftwind, like Battle Cat before him, manages to add a sense of realism to the magical realm of MOTU with the base sculpt and then employs that sense of wonder and craziness with the addition of massive wings and a horned mask. The wings are very intricate and each feather has been detailed to make them appear as realistic as possible. While the bright colors tend to mask this, these same wings are being used on the upcoming Griffin and in more muted colors really look gorgeous. The mane has been made to look as if it's blowing in the wind, and looks great, but doesn't match most of the figures in the line (including She-Ra) who have more neutral hairstyles.

When it comes to paint, Swiftwind has been a rather controversial entry in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. While appearing white in the Filmation series, the vintage figure of Swiftwind was actually pink, since girls can't resist anything pink-- a thought that is sadly perpetuated still today by many toy companies-- so when it came time for the Classics version, a vote was taken during the 2010 SDCC to find out what color the fans preffered. Not surprisingly, the white option won out and Swiftwind has been released in a look reminiscent of his appearance in the sweet He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special (that we're only briging up after watching it recently on Netflix streaming). Most of the figure itself has been molded in the appropriate colors, and both the plastic and paint used is bright as eye-gougingly possible!

Swiftwind has a large amount of articulation for a horse figure. While he doesn't need the same amount as a giant green jungle cat, he manages to have plenty in order to strut his ass up and down the palace grounds while shuttling Adora between awkwardly-flirty conversations with her brother and whatever evil decides to attack next. Swiftwind has a hinged head, ball-joint neck, hinges at the top of the legs, swivel/hinges at the knees, hinged ankles, a swivel/hinge tail, and swivel/hinge wings. All of the joints hold their positions well but the real surprise comes from the ball-joint neck. It is hidden by the collar (we don't know proper equipment names-- Laziness!) and allows for a lot of expression in the figure, not to mention a much wider range of realistic movement.

Swiftwind is a welcome addition to the Masters of the Universe Line and is the first mount to be added to the Princess of power lineup. Although the winged unicorn doesn't live in our hearts the way Battle Cat or Panthor do, he still looks great on our shelf-- or he did until a certain 9 year-old girl claimed him and She-ra as her own... as it should be. Mission accomplished Mattel-- you've got a yourself a new generation of collector! For more on the Masters of the Universe line and the monthly sales of exclusive figures, be sure to check out the official Matty Collector website and for aftermarket sales, there's always Big Bad Toystore!

Here's a video from the 2011 SDCC where we first got a good look at Swiftwind:

SDCC 2011: Mattel's Rhobyn De Jesus Talks Masters of the Universe

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