'Sea Tree' Would Provide A Safe Haven For Wildlife

Its no secret that our cities are getting bigger and natural areas for wildlife and plants are being destroyed everyday. Thankfully there are some people out there that actually care about this, a great example being Amsterdam-based Waterstudio.nl, the folks behind the incredible, no-humans-allowed wildlife refuge you see above.

Dubbed “Sea Tree” this multi-layered habitat would be entirely self-sufficient while providing a safe haven for plants and animals displaced by our ever-expanding concrete monstro-cities. While rooftop gardens and other “green” initiatives provide natural areas for humans to enjoy the sea tree stands apart by being entirely designed plants and animals living above and below the water.

While it may look like an overly complicated design, the structure is actually quite simple and could be placed in lakes, rivers and oceans. It would be moored underwater by a cable that also serves as the support for all the different layers. As time moves on the layers would fill up with all manner of wildlife and become a full-fledged ecosystem. Ironically, it would actually use technology that's very similar to what is used for offshore oil rigs.

Its great to see people spending time on projects like this one. Now all we have to do is hope the Sea Tree, or something like it, is built sooner rather than later.

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