NES-tastic!: We Review Squid Kids Ink 10-Doh!

Squid Kids Ink has recently produced a magical figure as part of their So Analog line: 10-Doh! and we are going to be looking at it during today's toy review with rose-colored glasses as the days of 8-bit NES games dance through our heads! The package clearly states "10-Doh! figures are art, not toys." and we'd have to agree. This sucker is constructed of ABS, PVC, and Awesome, so join us as we take a closer look!

The packaging is a glossy cardboard window box that mimics the look of a classic cartridge placed in the familiar black sleeve. Everything about the presentation of this figure appears to have been well thought out (although it's quite possible it was all half-assed, but we like to think the best of people) and succeeds in making you want to rip it open to get at the sweet contents inside! Simply open the top flap to unleash the base body and the limbs which quickly snap into place.

The sculpt for this toy is simply fantastic! It's 7 inches of gaming wonderment in the form of a character with hands large enough to hold a pocketknife! The simple curvature of the piece adds a very animated quality and the addition of the extremities and eyes give this little guy some personality. Now that we think about all the times we blew into the bottom of the cartridges to make them work, *shudder* we feel so used!

When it comes to paint, there really is none to speak of. That's right, this entire figure (like a lot of vinyl art toys we love) has been molded in the appropriate colors. All of the detailing has instead been done with decal stickers. This includes the labels (front and back) and two rectangular eyes that sit toward the bottom of the cartridge and give this thing all it needs.

While articulation isn't really the point of this toy art, it still manages to clock in with 4 movable joints. There are swivels in the shoulders and thighs of the figure which allow you to spread out the feet so it can stand sturdier. The shoulder movement lets the arms move up and down, but the sides of the cartridge body hinder the vertical limits. While we weren't expecting any joints at all, these work well and are tight enough to hold their position easily.

This figure is a welcome addition to our designer toy shelves and everyone that's seen it instantly asks us for it. After gouging them in the eye with our thumbs, we tell them,"For more on this piece of insanity, along with tons of other cool art toys, be sure to check out Squid Kids Ink's official website!" cause we speak like idiots hustlers!

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