10 TV Shows We're Looking Forward To In 2012

Though 2012 may very well go down as the year TV is changed forever, as both YouTube and Apple make assaults on the way we chill out and watch Real Housewives complain about stuff, there’s still a fair amount of awesome stuff to watch on the boob tube. Here are ten shows we’re eagerly anticipating in 2012:

10. Spartacus: Vengeance

Premieres: Friday, January 27th at 10pm – Starz

Why We’re Geeking Out: That trailer looks bad-ass. And so far, Spartacus is two for two when it comes to swords and sandals epics on a TV scale.

9. Portlandia

Premieres: Friday, January 6th at 10pm - IFC

Why We’re Geeking Out: Season one of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s weirdo sketch show had its fair share of brilliant comic pieces. And with whole new slews of hipster culture being created on a daily basis, there’s ample material for a second season.

8. The River

Premieres: Tuesday, February 7th at 9pm – ABC

Why We’re Geeking Out: If there’s any show that’s maybe a worthy heir to LOST, its this series – particularly as we’ve only heard good things about the adventure/horror hybrid pilot. A family goes in search of a, er, lost explorer, and encounters horrible things in the Amazon. Sounds great to us.

7. Archer

Premieres: Thursday, January 19th at 10pm – FX

Why We’re Geeking Out: Possibly the funniest show currently on TV, FX’s animated spy spoof just finished a brilliant three episode run. Densely packed with jokes, and a brilliant voice cast make this toon a must watch.

6. Fringe

Premieres: Friday, January 13th at 9pm – FOX

Why We’re Geeking Out: Will this be the last season of Fringe? Again? The first half of the season was a brilliant slow burn to bring back Joshua Jackson; but if past seasons are any indication, the back half of season four should be an insane, unpredictable ride. We can’t wait.

5. The Walking Dead

Premieres: Sunday, February 12th at 9pm – AMC

Why We’re Geeking Out: After an uneven first season, the comic adaptation delivered a superb second mini-season, and a last few minutes so shocking it still takes our breath away. If the quality keeps up in the second half of season two, we’re in for a wild ride.

4. Being Human

Premieres: Monday, January 16th at 9pm – SyFy

Why We’re Geeking Out: Another uneven first season with some truly great moments, Being Human finally breaks out of the plotting shadow created by its BBC forbear in season two. We’re excited to see what happens with our favorite (American) trio of supernatural roommates this year.

3. Doctor Who

Premieres: Unknown

Why We’re Geeking Out: A massive cliffhanger promises that this season will answer the biggest question in the universe: Doctor… Who? Its also the last series for co-stars Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, which means tears. Lots and lots of tears. Plus, with a fiftieth anniversary, and a possible movie on the horizon, this should be a great year for Who fans.

2. Arrested Development

Premieres: Unknown

Why We’re Geeking Out: Are you kidding? Netflix is bringing back the Bluth family for one more go around, and we couldn’t be more excited. No word on when yet, and we’re not holding our breath… But the cast says late 2012, so we’re holding them to that. Too bad we already ditched our Netflix account for Qwikster…

1. Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings

Premieres: April, 2012 – HBO

Why We’re Geeking Out: 2011 was, quite simply, the year of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, with the premiere of the excellent first season, and a new novel. It doesn’t look to let up in 2012, either, as the second best novel in the series so far (the best would be “Storm of Swords”) gets adapted on the expansive HBO budget. No spoilers, but we hear there’s an entire “budget busting” episode penned by Martin himself called “Blackwater.” If that doesn’t get fans slavering, nothing will.