Robot Wrestling Is Awesome And Hilarious At The Same Time (video)

A real-life "Robot Pro Wrestling" event was recently held on Christmas day at the Buddhist Hall in Tsukiji, Tokyo. Although it my not be as in-your-face as Real Steel or the classic Battlebots TV series we're still pretty impressed by the fighting skills these little robots bring to the ring and can't wait to see how the sport progresses.

The two ‘bots that duke it out in the video below are Nagare Gold and Thunderbolt. The third bot you’ll see isn’t an actual contender, but instead the referee. Just like a ref would in “real” pro wrestling he gets down on his hands and knees for the three-count whenever one of the other ‘bots gets pinned.

The fight isn’t one of the lame holiday sessions of Rock’em Sock’em Robots we had as kids, this is the real deal and these ‘bots -- though sometimes hilariously awkward -- mean business. If you check out the video below and stay with it until the 5:50 mark you’ll see Thunderbolt pull a pretty nasty trick on his competitor.

Thunderbolt’s head mounted rocket launchers were only filled with party favors for this match -- it was at the Buddhist temple after all. But, according to, he’ll be equipped with live rockets for RoboGames 2012 in Santa Monica this coming April and we really looking forward to his performance.

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