George R R Martin Provides Fans 'A Taste of Winter' - Reveals Full Chapter From Upcoming Novel

Santa came a bit late this year, but fans of the Song of Ice and Fire series are no strangers to waiting, whether it be for news on the next novel or episodes of the hit Game of Thones HBO series. From time to time, author George R R Martin likes to acknowledge that he feels your pain, and offers up looks at his upcoming work.

Today is one of those days, and fans can hit up the official GRRM website to read an entire chapter from The Winds of Winter, the unreleased sixth book in the planned series of seven. Martin explains that the preview chapter does play some tricks with the timeline, making sure that readers are aware of its placement prior to events taking place in the final chapters of A Dance With Dragons.

In a post to his "Not a Blog" Live Journal late yesterday, Martin also revealed that a second chapter will be made available at the end of the paperback edition of A Dance With Dragons.