Action Movie FX Adds Special Effects To iPhone Videos!

Have you ever wanted to add special effects like giant explosions or missile attacks to videos captured on your iPhone? I know I have and thanks to Bad Robot Interactive and their new Action Movie FX its never been easier, or cheaper for that matter.

I've spent a few minutes with the app and I have to say its pretty fun. First you select what kind of effect you want to add to your video, then you start filming. After you've filmed for at least 5 seconds you're taken to the FX Timing menu where you select when you want the effect to take place. Then all you have to do I warm up some popcorn and watch your first action movie, its really easy.

The app includes 2 different effects to get us started – Missile Attack and Car Smash. Missile Attack lets us shoot a missile into our scene that causes a pretty massive explosion. Car Smash on the other hand is less explosion-filled, but just as awesome. It basically turns the video into a seen from The Incredible Hulk with a good size mini-van getting hurled at the screen.

If the two included effects aren't enough for you (they won't be) there is a total of four more available via in-app purchases. They come in two-packs with the first featuring Chopper Down and Tornado effects. The second set of effects comes with Air Strike and Fire Fight. Each effects two-pack costs $0.99.

At the time of writing Action Movie FX was available for free in the App Store for a limited time and we highly recommend the download. The app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, but I was using it all blown up on my iPad and it wasn't too bad.

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