Stan Lee Is 89 Today - Happy Birthday, Stan!

Guess who is 89 years young today, true believers? That’s right, it’s Stan “The Man” Lee, a living legend of the comics industry if there ever was one. From co-creating the majority of the Marvel Universe, to never stopping to breathe – even after nearly nine decades, Lee continues to be a force for good in the entertainment industry to this day.

Though you’re probably familiar with Lee anyway, you’re definitely familiar with his creations: The X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and of course, Spider-Man. Along with his collaborators – most notably Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby – Lee created the template for how comic books were made, and invented characters that have changed the lives of millions of people.

His greatest legacy? The humanity he injected into his characters. Lee’s heroes always have an essential flaw to them. Even godly beings like Thor have their Donald Blake side, or Spider-Man his never ending sense of responsibility. In his eighth decade, Lee has passed on these ideas to new generations, with reality shows, new comics, and even designing mascots for sports teams.

Lee is also a huge presence on the convention scene, making regular appearances around the country – and beyond. Where most creators tend to calm down in their later years, Lee is as prolific as when he first started. With boundless enthusiasm, charisma, and a resume most of us couldn’t match in several lifetimes, here’s to Stan Lee… Excelsior!

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