Original Vintage Star Wars Notebooks on Etsy!!

Almost Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays have been fantastic! So just in case you need some belated gifts for fellow Jedis or maybe even yourself, I stumbled across these FANTASTIC-O vintage Kenner Star Wars notebooks on Etsy!

Kevin Gawthrope is the master mind behind these super cool notebooks and they're even ECO FRIENDLY which is always a plus for me! I asked him where he gets his inspiration from:

KG - First, I've been an avid collector of Star Wars action figures for over 30 years - 3/4 of my life - and as of last year, I chose to only focus on the vintage 'style' of collectibles. This includes the original Kenner toys from the vintage era (late-70's to mid-80's), and now the re-launched 'Vintage Collection' figures from Hasbro using the Kenner name and style of the old packaging from the vintage era. I wanted to put my years of knowledge on the hobby to good use.

KG - Second, it's all about the nostaglia factor for me. Over the past decade, I've really honed my hobby into an expertise for vintage. I can spot fakes, help friends evaluate, estimate and grade their vintage collectibles. I was even a reporter/reviewer for Star Wars Action News podcast for a couple years as one of their monthly vintage reviewers. The podcast is all about Star Wars collecting, new and old, and gets over 10,000 listeners a month on iTunes.

KG - Because Star Wars has embedded itself into the popular culture, and means something different for each generation, I really wanted to produce something that everyone could enjoy - but also speak to me, my personal brand, and what I love as a hobby in my free time. The notebooks were a perfect fit, and they are really starting to catch on - from friends, Star Wars fans, and even a few minor celebrities.

KG - The materials come from a couple of different sources. The are all 100% authentic 'vintage era' and 'modern vintage' Star Wars figure cardbacks produced by either Kenner, or now Hasbro. They MUST be the vintage cardback, and not from any other Star Wars vintage series. I've gathered up my inventory from my own collection of used cardbacks, collector contacts I have in Arizona, and Ebay, and I also got a nice stack from my dad who found a bunch of vintage era cardbacks at a yard sale in Florida a couple years ago - and it was about a year after that I began creating the notebooks and selling them on Etsy.com.

All of Kevin's notebooks are made to order and he can even do custom orders! SERIOUSLY...L.O.V.E.

Happy New Year everyone and let's all toast with a Yoda soda!!!

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