Keep Warm This Winter With A Boba Fett Crochet Hat

Everyone loves Star Wars and now that snow and freezing temperatures are going to start blanketing a good portion of the U.S. its time we start looking for some gear to keep us warm. Our first choice is this awesome Boba Fett Crochet hat from Etsy. They look great and are 100% handmade just how we like it.

Etsy seller BeeBeeKins makes each crochet hat to order, so matter how large or small that noggin of your's is you'll be able to get a Boba Fett hat that fits just right. The price is a little steep at $55, but they are hand made so we really can't complain.

If your feeling more like a Tusken Raider (aka Sand Person) this winter BeeBeeKins also has a pretty cool Tusken Raider crochet hat you could grab. Just like the Boba Fett hat it's handmade and and made to order. It comes standard with a detachable scarf, but the listing says you can get one with ties if you would prefer it. The Tusken Raider hat is a little cheaper than the Boba Fett one, coming at $50.

BeeBeeKins has a ton of other crochet hats too, so whether these suit your style or not you should definitely go take a look through the Etsy shop.

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