MTV Comics Now Available on ComiXology!

You can now get all your favorite MTV Comics digitally from comiXology online and through all their apps for only $1.99 each!

Launching today from comiXology are:

Agent Mom #1:

Taylor Jane has it all: a mom and homemaker by day, and a daring agent for the secret organization S.E.C.U.R.E. by night! Add in a hi-tech supersuit, a mysterious leader, and a daughter who's a teenage hacker -- and you have the latest MTV Comic, Agent Mom!

Divination #1:

Anastasia Kempka's teenage life is thrown into chaos after she discovers an eerie connection to the afterlife. What she first thinks is her imagination gone wild quickly turns into a shocking reality filled with spirits, demons and angels that ultimately alters her entire existence. Weary of who is friend or foe in this supernatural nightmare, Ana soon finds herself on a path towards an uncertain destiny that will have drastic consequences for both her and the entire world.

The Gloom #1:

Once called a 'Mel Brooks movie of a comic' by COMICS INTERNATIONAL, acclaimed creators Tony Lee & Dan Boultwood return to the hero that brought them together - THE GLOOM. In 1940's Manhattan he's the only vigilante blocking the Vermillion and his NAZI SHENANIGAN allies from their plan to rule the world with ATOMIC ZEPPELINS! No pulp hero is safe from parody in the comic that once had the review 'Buy this book - sell a kidney if you have to!'

Hats #1:

In a distant mess of a planet, a man will do anything for a buck and good time. These are his adventures.

Me2 #1:

Crystal Carter has spent the last 4 years in a mental hospital. Has she lost her mind or discovered a terrifying truth? She has super powers!

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