Batman, Spider-Man, and Tales Designed To Thrizzle: New Comics For 12/21/11

This week is all about the Batman, as DC finally releases the last two chapters of Grant Morrison’s massive, overarching Batman: Leviathan storyline in the double-sized, appropriately named BATMAN INCORPORATED: LEVIATHAN STRIKES #1. There’s a couple of tricky continuity things going on, in that it takes place pre-New 52 reboot, but will continue in 2012 in the new Batman: Leviathan series, presumably with some continuity in place. In any case, I’m just hoping the secret leader of Leviathan turns out to be Dick Roman, because that would be awesome.

NOTE: This would be awesome only if you’re reading Batman, and also watching Supernatural on The CW, which has an over-arching story about creatures called Leviathans this season. I’m going to assume this Venn diagram comes to down to, say, me, and maybe Charles Webb. So that jokes for you, Charles.

Also in Batman news? BATMAN #4, BIRDS OF PREY #4, and JUSTICE LEAGUE #4, all of which have relationships with Batman (the first stars the guy, the second is some ladies who know him, the third features him on a team), are released, and they’re probably my personal top three DC books right now. So that’s a good time at the comic book store.

Over at Marvel Comics, they’ve got nearly as much Spider-Man as DC has Batman – and that’s also a very good thing, as anything with our favorite webbed hero is in top form right now. First up, there’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #676, which finds writer Dan Slott bringing Doctor Octopus’ evil plans to fruit in an all-villain issue.

Meanwhile, in the Ultimate Universe, there’s ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #5, continuing the origin of Miles Morales. This issue, we actually get to see him in action, and given that the non-action issues have been superb, we can’t wait to see what happens when Miles finally breaks loose.

Don’t worry, there’s non-Spidey stuff too, led by DAREDEVIL #7 – one of the best comics, and not just superhero comics, being published today by any Publisher. Plus, Jason Aaron doing his best Grant Morrison impression over in the supremely fun WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #3, HULK #46 wrapping up the exciting Hulk of Arabia arc, and LEGION OF MONSTERS #3 featuring (we hope) more monsters on dirt-bikes, because yay comics.

Not in the mood for something superhero-y? Check out TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE #7 from the incomparably hilarious Michael Kupperman; MEMORIAL #1, a new fantasy series from Superman and iZombie’s Chris Roberson; or XENOHOLICS #3, which has to be the dirtiest, funniest alien abduction story ever.

But wait, there’s more! Over in the trade department, there’s a plethora of fun stuff, led by a reissue of SCROOGE & SANTA – a graphic novel that shows what happens to Scrooge’s son, and provides a fun modern spin on the Christmas chestnut.

What else, you say? The STRANGE GIRL OMNIBUS presents the entirety of Rick Remender’s little read, but superb story of what happens to one girl left behind when the world ends. OFFICER DOWNE: BIGGER BETTER BASTARD EDITION is as extreme as its title suggests, while LIL DEPRESSED BOY, VOL 00 is slightly less sad than its title suggests.

Two more, and then we’ll leave you alone: RATFIST collects Doug TenNapel’s weirdo superhero web comics; and CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY: LIFE OF BUCKY BARNES hardcover collects the marvelous series from Ed Brubaker, Marc Andreyko, and Chris Samnee – one of the better Cap books we’ve ever read, and the guy barely appears in the story.

And that’s it! What are you looking forward to at the comic shop, fans?

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