Adult Swim's 'China, IL' Is Getting A New Year's Special

The animated series gets a new episode for the holidays and an unorthodox rerun scheme.

First off, if you haven't seen the show, think of China, IL as Community if it were focused on the faculty, and had a higher body count. There, go watch it, you're welcome. With Christmas bearing down on us and New Years waiting around a darkened corner to hold us up for our wallets, and cell phones, Adult Swim plans to run a new episode of the show at midnight on December 26th with subsequent airings every night at midnight through New Years. According to the synopsis, "When all of the students on campus fail their finals on Christmas, the professors must come up with a plan to re-teach them everything before New Years, or risk losing their jobs."

And I think it's a totally missed opportunity if every episode has the faculty failing every night until New Years.

My terrible ideas aside, allow me to reiterate that China, IL was one of the most enjoyably demented shows to make its debut in the Adult Swim lineup this year. It hits that Superjail! sweet spot of animated mayhem for me while merrily bouncing along with its boozed-up, sexed-up, lazy, spiteful, underdog faculty all under the employ of a dean voiced by Hulk Hogan. It also helps that the rest of the voice cast, led by Brad Neeley (who created the series and also writes it), is top-notch.

China, IL makes its return to Adult Swim December 26th at midnight on Adult Swim.

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