A Purple Gloved Pachyderm: MOTUC Snout Spout Review

Masters of the Universe has always been known for it's far-out concepts, but sometimes things took a turn for the silly. Case in point: Snout Spout or, as he was known in the original mini-comics, Hose Nose! Yes, the Eternian with not one but two incredibly lame codenames to go along with his incredibly lame self-- his "lame self" including the massive, mechanical, sad-eyed elephant mask. What's that? You were a rabid Snout Spout fan back in the day? You even started a fan club for ol' Robo-Trunk (Sadly, that is actually a cooler moniker)?! Well, you deserve a punch in whatever part of the brain makes you enjoy garbage! With all that said, Snout Spout is still part of Mattel's kick-ass Masters of the Universe Classics line, so we're gonna give him a fair shake. Let's take a look at this freak to see if his latest figure will sway our opinion.

Okay, so maybe he's cooler than we thought...

Read on for more of Snout spout, starting off with the bio from the back of his packaging.

Real Name: Jaxton

A peasant from Etheria, Jaxton was one of three athletes abducted by Hordak and cast into his experimentation matrix. There, like the others, Jaxton was grafted with cybernetic parts giving him both amazing powers and a bizarre form. After crossing through a Laser Gate to Eternia with the Evil Horde, Snout Spout escaped and joined with the renegade Masters of the Universe. Self-conscious about his cybernetic trunk, Jaxton often feels that everyone is always laughing at him. But when the Snake-Men slither out and enemies attack, Snout Spout blasts them back with a super jetspray!

As with the rest of the line, Snout Spout has been sculpted by the Four Horsemen. Fitting, since truly the fact that this figure has been released is a sign of the impending apocalypse! Although we personally aren't the biggest fans of this character, the figure manages to feature some very nice newly-sculpted pieces that will work well for customizers and future releases. His gloves, boots, chest harness, and crotch piece are all first-time pieces as far as we can tell. Speaking of his crotch (don't worry, we're not trying to be creepy), he features a belt and junk cover that allows better leg movement than any so far, including Roboto and Icarius. It gives Jaxton a very superheroish "trunks n' tights" vibe that we assume customizers can use to their advantage when adding various comic book heroes to the ranks of the MOTUC-verse.

Most of this figure has been molded in the appropriate colors, but the paintwork that has been employed is very sharp. The rivets on his head and trunk are highlighted with black and gray, and while some of them don't have as much paint as others, there is no slop onto the head-- better too little than too much in that regard. Snout Spout's eyes appear to be stickers this time around much like Hasbro's Iron Man movie lines have been employing, although they COULD be tampographed-- either way, they're cleanly done. While we know that this figure was following the paint scheme of the original figure, the purple gloves just seem completely out of place. Either blue or black would have been far superior colors... but now we're just tossing random opinion in. So much for impartial reviewing, right?

Snout spout features the usual articulation for the line, with the addition of a poseable trunk. Yes, he has the ability to get his ass to wherever a fire has broken out thanks to a ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, swivel boot tops, and dual hinged ankles. All of the joints work well, and thanks to his new boot sculpt, the ankles are tighter than the version with the exposed joints. His head also benefits from an extended range of movement due to the flat sculpt of his big cybernetic noggin. As for the trunk, Snout Spout's is made of a rubber reminiscent of the kind used for Matty's Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. We don't think it's the exact same construction, but it's far softer than the usual rubber made for bendable figures. Inside is a piece of wire that allows for the trunk to keep it's shape when bent into position. There are a lot of noticeable wrinkling when bent, so the gray paint used might not be long for this world if moved around too much.

The accessories with this figure are not only well done, but also fit his character as a firefighter. He comes with an ax/wrench combo, a jaws of life-style tool, and a backpack. The ax is made from a single piece of plastic and can be held with one of both hands and just happens to be quite the intimidating specimen. The spreader tool has two hinged jaws that can be opened and closed and has a handle that fits into Snout Spout's vice-like grip perfectly. The backpack is an update of the original with the addition of some detailing courtesy of the 200X-style. The pack is a high-gloss red and definitely evokes a sense of "extinguishing fires".

Well, we'd like to say this character has grown on us and we have become the ultimate Snout Spout supporters... but we can't. What we can say is that this is one damn fine action figure in the same mold as others in the Masters of the Universe line! If you're a completist, elephant-fetishist, or just have a loving nostalgia for this metal-headed monstrosity, then Snout Spout will be right up your alley-- eating out of a dumpster most likely. Snout Spout went on sale during last month's Matty Collector sale, but is available at a number of online retailers such as Big Bad Toystore.

Here's a video of Cornboy from the Four Horsemen talking up the latest MOTUC figures at this year's Power-Con:

Power-Con 2011: Eric 'Cornboy' Mayse Reveals Mattel's New Masters of the Universe Toys

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