The MTV Geek Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Tasked with geek-themed last-minute holiday shopping? Stumped as to what comic book to buy your family or friends? Take a look through our many gift guides designed to make your shopping this season as painless (and fun!) as possible:

Comic Books

Best Comic Book Gifts For New Readers:

Let’s say you have a friend or family member who’s shown some interest in comic books, but are daunted by years of continuity, and hundreds of trades… Where to start them off on the right foot? Lucky you, we’ve broken down the best starter trades for new readers of all ages, by specific character, interest, and comics.

Batman Graphic Novel Gift Guide:

“Where does he get those wonderful toys?” That’s what everyone will be asking this Holiday season, and by “toys” they’ll mean “Batman Graphic Novels,” once you take a look at our list of the ten best books for the Dark Knight fan in your life.

Avengers Graphic Novel Gift Guide:

The Avengers are hotter than ever… But with decades of history, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which stories are best for the burgeoning super-fan in your life. Here’s our list of the ten best gift-worthy Avengers collections this Holiday season

Manga Gift Guide:

Manga is tricky to give as a gift. If the person you're buying for already reads manga, they probably already own every book they want, while those who don't read it regularly have trouble getting past the stylized look and the right-to-left orientation. Fortunately, publishers are offering lots of extras this year, as well as a wide range of stories that appeal to many different types of readers.

Comic Book Gifts For Women Who Aren't Comic Book Readers (Yet):

Whenever someone asks, “What should I give the woman in my life who doesn’t read comic books, but wants to get started?” And the answer is always, “Sandman!” But there are other options, aren’t there? Other comics that will sell a new reader or any gender (but, you know, specifically the ladies)? For sure, friends!

The Best High-End Comic Book Gifts:

When you’re looking past stocking stuffers this holiday season, and really want to get someone something that says, “I do not care about money at all, but I care about you,” you’re going to want to start looking at the higher ticket items. You know, the ones the guy behind the counter needs a key to access. Here’s our list of some high-end comic book gifts you might want to consider this Holiday season…

Star Wars

Star Wars Gift Guide:

So once again, it's that time year, time to sit down, relax with a bowl of popcorn and watch the Star Wars Holiday Special, OH YEAH! And while you're watching this painfully long, I mean EXHILARATING piece of art, you may have some down time to do some Internets shopping. And well, Woodsy has her favorite Star Wars items this year for you all to consider!!



iPhone and iPad Apps, Games and Accessories Gift Guide:

There are so many apps, games and accessories available for our iOS devices it's almost disgusting. To give everyone a hand picking out some cool gear and software for the Apple fanatic in their life this holiday season we decided to put together a list of 10 of our favorite iPhone and iPad games and accessories.


Video Games

The Top 10 Video Game Gifts:

Here's a video game gift guide for every type of fan imaginable -- from fighting-game enthusiasts to Nintendo 3DS owners!

Gaming Accessory Gift Guide:

The holiday season is upon us and that means it's time to start searching for that perfect gift. The gamer in your life would probably love some new gear and to make your annual shopping adventure a little easier we decided to put together a list of 10 awesome gaming accessories.

Hobby Games

The Best Gifts For The Young Hobby Gamer:

A good chunk of December is behind us and you're still contemplating gift guides? Of course, there's nothing that screams holiday spirit like procrastination, but of all the people who will get gifts this season, its the kids who deserve the most thought. Now that time is of the essence, consider getting them a game.

The Best Gifts For The Veteran Board Gamer:

For those geeks who consider board gaming their number one hobby, holiday gifts can be a minefield. Once someone is labeled as a hobby gamer, they become numb to the endless march of strange licensed Monopoly games thrown their way. Read on, and I'll tell you exactly what is hot with the hardcore hobby gaming crowd this year.

The Best Gifts For The Hobby Gamer Who Has It All:

For high-rolling gift givers prepared to pony up some cash, here are some tips on how to surprise those that are least expecting it.

The Best Hobby Gaming Gifts For Newbies:

The board game evangelist is a common sight, turning friends and family members into card-carrying, dice-toting gaming geeks. No time is he more active than during the holiday season, where a well thought out gift can easily spread the love of hobby gaming. However, a dud can solidify a permanent distaste for the hobby, so follow me and I'll provide the perfect gift ideas for the future gaming converts in your life.


The Top 10 TV On DVD and Blu-Ray Sets:

So you've got someone one your holiday list who you want to keep entertained for a few hours--maybe even in hi-def? Well, look no further than this lineup of 2011 TV on DVD and Blu-ray releases for a couple of ideas of what to get that special someone who's into the living dead, disavowed secret agents, drunk secret agents, and grimy, sci-fi adventure.

Anime On DVD and Blu-Ray:

With so many options on the table for that anime fan on your list, what should you get? Well, here's this (hopefully) handy list of titles below targeting those very specific animated interests of that friend or loved one who might love a new or classic boxset waiting for them on Christmas day.

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