Captain Action's Arch-Nemesis Dr. Evil Returns!

Every superhero has to have a formidable arch-villain, and Captain Action is no different. Now the bug-eyed, brain-exposed Dr. Evil will soon be joining the rebooted Captain Action toy line in Summer of 2012 -- and you'll be able to dress him up like Marvel Comics villains Red Skull and Loki:

The new figure will be created from all new sculpts and molds, and even add one creative innovation. “The new Dr. Evil will have interchangeable brains! The figure will come with three different brains: a battle brain, a brilliant brain and a bionic brain” said Mike Murphy, Creative Director at Round 2. “Fans will be able to swap the brains in and out of his head with each one having a specific purpose that will aid Dr. Evil to carry out his diabolical schemes!”

Adding to the comics/Marvel connection, the legendary Joe Jusko will be illustrating the Dr. Evil toy packaging.

But the real question here is: will Dr. Evil have his signature groovy medallion and sandals? We will see in July 2012!

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