13 Actors Who Could Replace Amy and Rory on Doctor Who - And Be Awesome

Well, it’s happening: after one more series of Doctor Who, Amy Pond and Rory Williams-Pond – aka actors Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill – will be leaving the show, leaving Matt Smith behind on his lonesome. Except series chief dude Steven Moffat has promised that someone new will be joining Smith on the TARDIS, as his adventures continue.

So the question becomes: who’s the next Doctor Who companion? As much as we’d like some reality competition show to determine that (so, you know, we could play), we decided to make it easy, and break down everyone, from current cast, to other hopefuls, who could join The Doctor as he travels through time and space:

13. Donald Glover

This is predicated on the idea that Danny Pudi could be the next Doctor Who, as we previously suggested. If you’re getting Inspector Spacetime, why not get the Community actor most used to playing his sidekick already?

12. Alison Brie

…Though if we’re just throwing currently out of work Community actors on this list, we’d way rather have the hilarious and beautiful Alison Brie on board. Come on, isn’t it about time we had an American Companion? That way, they can be confused by the whole time/space thing, and also, the accents.

11. Alison Haislip

We’re throwing the former Attack of the Show correspondent on here because she already has a Facebook group trying to get this to happen. And we are nothing here at MTV Geek if not dream-makers. Well, list-makers.

10. John Barrowman

Okay, yes, we love us some Captain Jack Harkness. And yes, he’s already ridden the blue box, if you know what we mean. But with Torchwood probably not continuing any time soon, it would be an interesting dynamic to get an “old friend” back on board, particularly as we’ve never seen Barrowman interact with Smith.

9. Caitlin Blackwood

Hey, wouldn’t it be a neat twist to get rid of Amy Pond, only to replace her with… Amy Pond? The young Caitlin Blackwood has played L’il Amy brilliantly in her few appearances, and potentially “rebooting” the timeline by allowing her to travel with The Doctor as a child would be an interesting take. It would also address many of the concerns viewers currently have about the show not being kid friendly, what with a kid on it and all.

8. Andy Serkis

Our minds instantly went to Serkis, not just because he’s a fabulous actor, but because Steven Moffat wrote the upcoming Adventures of TinTin, where Serkis plays sidekick Captain Haddock. You could have Serkis as himself, or possibly as some sort of shape shifting, motion captured character, so he could essentially be something different every week. Eh?

7. Chris Hardwick

We just want to see The Nerdist host, jaw agape, staring moonily at Smith every week for an hour while he geeks out about actually getting a part in Doctor Who. Bad for drama, sure, but watching a grown man melt into a puddle of squee on the floor would be good television.

6. Random Ood

Really, could be any of them, and no, we’re not racist. The Ood have been one of the most interesting new characters to come out of Who, and it would rather interesting to see an alien as a Companion for a change.

5. Anna Friel

We’ve been in love with Friel since far before her appearance as Chuck on Pushing Daisies, and as a British actress currently not appearing in many films of TV she would be, you know, perfect. Plus, we consider switching one Ginger for another a fair trade.

4. Neve McIntosh and Catrin Stewart

You’ll be forgiven for saying, “Who?” until we explain: Neve McIntosh and Catrin Stewart played the Silurian Madame Vastra and her human assistant/girlfriend Jenny in two episodes this past season. Their brief appearance as swashbuckling Victorian era private eyes was instantly unforgettable, and we’d love to get as much more of their characters as possible. Plus, it would be nice to have a dynamic where the Companions kick as much butt as The Doctor… And neither lady has any interest in getting their hands on his Sonic Screwdriver.

3. Martin Freeman

He’s ably playing Sherlock Holmes Companion for Moffat over on Sherlock, just have him transition over to Who, right? Plus, we’d get to secretly pretend he was reprising his role as Tim on The Office, because that would be brilliant.

2. James Corden

Probably most fans number one choice for a new Companion, Corden has shown a ton of chemistry with Smith in his two appearances on the show – “The Lodger” and “Closing Time.” Though we personally prefer him as a showing up once a season type guest (hence the number two slot), we wouldn’t be against Corden joining the show full time.

1. Alex Kingston

I mean, who else already knows her way around the TARDIS, makes the Doctor go all wibbly-wobbly, and has implied she spent a ton of time traveling the Universe with him anyway? River Song, you guys. Plus, having River continue as the Doctor’s Number Two post Amy and Rory would continue to give the show a sense of continuity into the fourth Smith season, rather than a soft reboot.

So what do you think, fans? Who should play the next Companion in 2013?

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