Wizards of the Coast Reveals Final Innistrad Block Magic Set: Avacyn Restored

Hot on the heels of the very successful Innistrad set, Magic: The Gathering will soon be wrapping up the 3-set block of the same name. The second set, Dark Ascension, is still awaiting its February 3rd, 2012 release, but in a post to Wizard's Magic Arcana blog yesterday, Monty Ashley revealed the first details of Innistrad's third set, Avacyn Restored.

Set for a May 4th, 2012 release, Avacyn Restored will sport a high card count with 244 in total. This is close to a high water mark for the third set in a block, which would typically contain around 145 cards. Such a high total has only been seen once before with Rise of the Eldrazi in early 2010 and its 248 cards. The large set size means that organized play will change a bit, with Avacyn Restored being used in draft events by itself.

Other details are sparse at this point, but of course, the internet has gone to town with speculation on how Avacyn Restored will steer the game's plot. For one, it seems that given the set's title, the archangel Avacyn (seen above) will make her grand return to the plane of Innistrad. Unlike some previous blocks where the darker forces came out on top, things are not looking so great for the vampires and werewolves this time around.

(via Magic Arcana)