'Game of Thrones,' 'American Horror Story' Get Golden Globe Nods

Newcomers Game of Thrones and American Horror Story pick up two nominations each for HBO and FX.

Here are the numbers: four nominations in all, one each for Best Television Series (Drama), one Best Supporting Actress nod for Jessica Lange in American Horror Story and a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones. And these couldn't be two more different performances from two very different shows. Both Lange and Dinklage are kind of the secret weapons of their respective shows—with Dinklage, it's all about the seemingly minor moments where you get insight into his hard-drinking, seductive dwarf prince; with Lange's role on American Horror Story she plays a character written as something monstrous dragged out of Tennessee Williams, all insinuation, nastiness, and casual cruelty. If she's the heart of American Horror Story, then Dinklage is (excuse me for saying) the loins.

Now that I've put that into your heads, I'm slightly ashamed to admit I had to be dragged almost kicking and screaming to watch Game of Thrones about six weeks in, only to be engrossed, shocked, and ultimately impressed with the utterly terrific first season. By contrast, I was pretty excited about American Horror Story but like most of Ryan Murphy's work it kind of came apart pretty quickly, but in a sort of insane, imminently watchable way.

Unfortunately, the much-improved second season of The Walking Dead didn't make the list, and there was actually very little in the way of genre television represented in this year's awards nominations. You can find the full list of nominees here.

The Golden Globes will be presented on January 15th.

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