DC Direct's 'Batman: Arkham City' Series 2 Figures Hit Stores April 25th!

Series 2 of DC Direct's Batman: Arkham City figures will be hitting stores come April 25th. The new series brings a Batman 'detective mode” variant and has the caped crusader facing off against all-new versions of enemies including Hush and Jervis Tetch: the Mad Hatter. Along with those three figures will be new versions of Catwoman and the Riddler that we were introduced to back in October at New York Comic-Con.

All of the five figures (yes, five) will stand between 4.25 and 6.8 inches tall with The Mad Hatter obviously coming in on the short side of the spectrum. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for the Penguin and Titan-juiced Joker figures we saw in October, but we've got some nice big images of the series 2 figures after the break so click through and check them out.

Series 1 of DC Direct's Batman: Arkham City figures land December 28th and feature Harley Quinn, Robin and an unmasked Batman. The series 2 figures seen above will be available beginning April 25th.

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