First Look: Voltron #4

MTV Geek is pleased to give you your first look at Voltron #4 from Dynamite Entertainment, hitting stores in March 2012:


32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +



Covers by ALEX?ROSS (75%), SEAN CHEN (25%)

“Virgin Art” Retailer incentive cover by ALEX?ROSS

“Fiery Red” Retailer incentive cover by SEAN CHEN

Past and present collide as the scope of King Zarkon’s terrible plan unfolds, revealing just what forced him to leave Earth so long ago in search of absolute revenge. Only the ghost of a friend long lost can convince him to turn away from Doom and honor the sacrifices once made on his behalf. Time is running out for everyone, as the Voltron Force storms the castle in their most dangerous rescue mission yet. Generation Voltron goes penultimate, everything coming together one last time before coming apart all over again...

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