Will Netflix Bring Back Joss Whedon's Firefly? Nathan Fillion Says, "Hmmm..."

Looks like after he suggested Community’s Donald Glover should play Spider-Man a few years ago, comics and entertainment writer Marc Bernardin has figured out a new way to break the Internet in half: blogging about the possibility of Netflix bringing back Joss Whedon’s beloved Firefly.

Before we go any further, this is completely idle speculation on Bernardin’s part. There is no news from Netflix, no discussion of Firefly being brought back from Whedon, and no news. Except… Maybe there is. After Bernardin put his original post on Twitter, actor Nathan Fillion – Mal Reynolds from Firefly, but then you knew that – posted this on Twitter:

So, you know, not definite confirmation or anything. But the Twitter friendly star sending the news – and his seeming endorsement of said news – out to his more than million strong followers certainly couldn’t hurt getting the ball rolling.

To take a little step back, the idea Bernardin posited in his article was that, given Netflix is already bringing back one beloved series from certain death, Arrested Development, it possibly wouldn’t be budgetarily impossible to bring back Firefly too… Despite the former being a sitcom set on Earth, and the latter a space opera set in, er, space.

Granted, we haven’t crunched the numbers, but Bernardin’s logic is sound; and the cast and crew have often stated that if there was a chance to do more Firefly (other than the feature film Serenity, of course), they would hop back in a second. Additionally, as we mentioned above Bernardin has a history of changing pop culture with his off-hand mentions: though Glover didn’t end up as the filmic Spider-Man, Community’s second season found the actor dressed as the web-slinger in their opening episode; and more importantly, Miles Morales, the current lead in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, was inspired by the choice.

The bigger question of course is: do we want Firefly to come back? On the surface, sure, absolutely. But as we already discussed in our post about Community getting canceled, it’s possible that leaving well enough alone, and being able to reflect on Firefly as a series with endless promise, rather than something that wore out its welcome is the way to go.

Who are we kidding, of course we want more Firefly.

We’ll of course keep you posted on any more news related to this… Though we’re not holding our gorram breath.

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