'Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy' Gives iPhone/iPad Users Guitar Lessons From The Heavy Metal Legend

Original lead guitarist for Metallica, founder of Megadeth and heavy metal legend Dave Mustaine was recently ranked No.1 in “The Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists”. Now he's using his musical talents to teach thousands of fans how to play guitar through iPhoneiPad and iPod Touch.

A new app designed by Mustaine and the team behind Rock Prodigy will give fans a new way to experience and learn a slew of Megadeth songs on any guitar. Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy uses real master tracks from Mustaine and listens to every note played in order to give budding metal guitarists instant feedback on their performance while Mustaine and his team of pro guitarists guide users through each lesson.

“If you have a guitar, if you can run an app, you will soon be playing classic Megadeth songs, like ‘Holy Wars’ and ‘Tornado of Souls’, and also our new hit single, 'Public Enemy No.1!'” said Mustaine in a recent statement, “I personally reviewed all of these songs, so no more bunk transcriptions and bad tabs; it's just like having a private guitar lesson from me. Also with my app, you can actually slow the parts down to make sure they are perfect!!”

The app – which is available now – gives players multiple difficulty levels to choose from and also includes a leaderboard so we can see how we compare to other Dave Mustaine and Megadeth fans. There are also a bunch of “Micro Lessons” created by Mustaine that highlight things like rhythm, technique and theory.

I haven't used the app myself, but anyone interested in a virtual, one-on-one guitar lesson from Dave Mustaine can check it out for $10 via the Apple App Store.

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