$9.4 Million iPhone Is Covered In Diamonds And Dinosaur Bones!

Back when the iPad 2 came out we told you about Stuart Hughes, a luxury electronics customizer that has a certain way with mobile products. He coated Apple's 2nd generation tablet with diamonds, gold and even some of the oldest stone in the world, Ammolite. Now he's at it again with the recently introduced iPhone 4S.

Dubbed the iPhone 4S Elite Gold, Hughes claims his newest creation is “the world's most expensive phone” and we don't doubt that claim one bit, especially considering the Apple logo alone is covered with 53 individual diamonds. Other ridiculous enhancements include a 24ct gold back plate, diamond encrusted home button and a side bezel filled with over 500 flawless diamonds totaling over 100ct.

To make this thing even more expensive, Hughes has created a custom box made of solid Platinum that is also covered in diamonds and rare gems like Opal, Pietersite, Charoite, Rutile Quartz and Star Sunstone. As you may have guessed Hughes wasn't finished there. The box has been topped off with polished pieces of bone from a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Hughes only made two of the iPhone 4S Elite Gold customs and he's asking for about $9.4 million if you want to make one yours. Head over to StuartHughes.com for all the details, not that you'll actually be considering a purchase.

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