WizKids Releases Hulk HeroClix, Previews Galactic Guardians Set

This set is packed with Hulked Out Heroes, ripped from the pages of the World War Hulk miniseries

You won't like him when he's angry, but you'll love it when he's fighting for you. This month, HeroClix players are returning to the Marvel universe with the release of The Incredible Hulk set. And return in droves they will. WizKids has been on a roll as of late, announcing sellout after sellout of new HeroClix lines, so move quickly if you want to break into the game with this Hulk set.

Aside from the core Hulk characters and some of the World Ware Hulk figures seen above, characters are also pulled in from the Planet Hulk, Fall of the Hulks, and New Fantastic Four storylines. In total, 51 new models will be added to the HeroClix universe, including the A.I. Marine Hulk brick rewards figure (one included per booster brick).

The standard Hulk booster packs have been on shelves for a few days now, but today marks the release of single-figure boosters, featuring 10 re-dialed characters from the base set, and a Fast Forces pack, featuring six figures, a double-sided map, and two themed dice.

Now that the Hulk release is out of the way, gamers are looking to the future with the Galactic Guardians and Mighty Avengers sets, launching in March and June of 2012 respectively.

The twist to the Galactic Guadians set is that massive figures will be available for purchase in "super boosters." These new packs will contain over-sized models such as Galactus, Master Mold, and four yet-to-be-named characters which will dwarf traditional HeroClix miniatures. Previous models of this scale were made available only during special promotions, so this release marks a first for the HeroClix community.

Over-sized was no overstatement, these "Super Booster" figures are huge.

All three of the new Marvel sets will also tie into an unprecedented 8-month organized play event, the Infinity Gauntlet. The story is built around Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, with players meeting monthly to earn gems for their Gauntlet. During the first round, all players will receive a gem-less Gauntlet (pictured below) which they will fill throughout the campaign.

Whether you win or lose, completing this awesome Infinity Gauntlet will make the events worthwhile.

Along the way, event winners will go home with some coveted limited edition figures, but by August, all participants will have filled their Gauntlet with gems in preparation for one last showdown versus Thanos atop his Shrine to Death.