Dan Slott Taking 'Amazing Spider-Man' To the Ends of the Earth In March

During a conference call today, Dan Slott talked about the big March event happening in Amazing Spider-Man, "Ends of the Earth," the big Spidey event leading up to the series' 50th anniversary and 700th issue.

  • Ends of the Earth starts in March with issue #682 as a six-part story, with art by Caseli on the first two and the last two and tine middle two chapters by as-of-yet unnamed artists. Caseli will also be providing all covers to the event with special "villain variants" by Gabriel Dell'Otto.
  • It's the next big story featuring Doc Ock and the revamped Sinister Six.
  • Slott: Doctor Octopus is down to his last few weeks left to live after the events of Amazing Spider-Man #600 as his biggest attack of all time with "the best Sinister Six ever."
  • Slott quipped, "Spider Island, Otto Octavius Earth" with regards to the global nature of this story and its threat.
  • ASM supporting cast and characters will be showing up in this story, but Slott wanted to reinforce that the whole storyline will be contained in these six issues.
  • In two weeks, the next issue of ASM will be an all-Sinister Six issue with an epic battle between Doc's team of bad guys and the big brains of the Marvel U.
  • Slott credits Caseli with being responsible for bringing the "opera" to the story.
  • The Sinister Six you start with at the beginning of "Ends of the Earth" will not entirely be the one you see at the end of "Ends of the Earth."
  • We will get to see some new Spider-tech in this arc—Peter Parker has been waiting for the Sinister Six to come back, and preparing for them.
  • When I asked if Peter might be a little overconfident after saving the city going into "Ends of the Earth," Slott said cockiness might not enter into it, but he will see something like that in some upcoming issues.
  • A major element of the story is Spidey's oath to not let anyone close to him die back in ASM #656.
  • Tying into the upcoming movie, we'll see a return of the Lizard and an epic battle between him and Spider-Man this summer.
  • In keeping the event confined to ASM, Slott explains that it's part of a long tradition of classic Marvel events like the "Kree/Skrull War" where the whole event takes place in the one series.
  • Slott says explained that Doctor Octopus is no longer the goofy character from before, he's now operating at "Dr. Doom-levels."
  • In describing Peter's relationship with Carlie, Slott says it's like Commissioner Gordon and Batman, except if Batman and Commissioner Gordon used to date.

"To The Ends of the Earth" begins with Amazing Spider-Man #682 in March.

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