What's New With Doctor Who: PS3 Game, The Nerdist, and Yo Mama

Welcome everyone to the third installment of our time-traveling, space-warping round up of all the news we could find about the world’s most popular Timelord, Doctor Who. And there’s a ton of news to get through because, remember: this article is bigger on the inside.

ITEM! Doctor Who: The Video Game?

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Debut Teaser

Are you ready to dip fishsticks into custard with your Wii? We hope so, as next year sees the release of “Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock” for PS3 and Playstation Vita. There’s scant information in the release trailer above, but Matt Smith and Alex Kingston (River Song) will both be providing voices and motion capture for the game.

Here’s what the BBC has to say: “Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will immerse gamers in the universe of Doctor Who, allowing them to take on the role of the Doctor and River Song as they travel across time and space to save the Earth. Gamers must learn to master the complexities of time travel with exceptional time based game play, changes made in one time will impact another creating multiple possibilities and challenging players to solve puzzles across the centuries.”

DEJA ITEM! Doctor Who: The Chess Game?

Okay, perhaps not quite as general exciting as a major video game, but this chess set created by DeviantArt user Eldalin Skywalker is AWESOME. Tiny little Ood, a Face of Bo, and even Captain Jack Harkness? Geronimo! Only problem with this is that David Tennant Doctor is the King, and not the Queen… Because he should be allowed to move whenever – and wherever - he wants.

SWEET CHRISTMAS! David Tennant Heads To The Nerdist

BBC America has announced that Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist will feature a London interview with the one and only David Tennant, for the Year in Review special being broadcast Christmas Eve. Other guests include Wil Wheaton, Simon Pegg, and Nathan Fillion, which is kind of our dream line-up of actors to take over the movie franchise (Fillion as The Doctor, Pegg as his Companion, Wheaton as the voice of the TARDIS).

LOST! Doctor Who Episodes Found in Town Fair

In case you missed our report earlier this week, two “lost” Doctor Who episodes were found in a town fair in the UK, before being taken back by the BBC. You can read the full news at the link, but we just basically summed up there story there. Ummm… If you click on all our links, you’ll get free candy. Whew. Don’t fire me.

WINTER IS COMING: There’s No Dalek Like Snow Dalek

This picture is via comic writer Gail Simone’s Tumblr account. For a sense of context, Simone has gone fro mercilessly making fun of Doctor Who, for months, to actually watching the episodes, to now not shutting up about Daleks. Which is kind of awesome.

YO MAMA! Fan Video Starts New Meme, Maybe

We’ll leave you with this clip via Topless Robot, where sketch group Awkward Spaceship starts a potential new meme: Doctor Who Yo Mama Jokes:

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