UK Police Set To Begin Laser Rifle Testing!

Years of sci-fi movies have had geeks just aching to see the day when laser guns replace our current projectile-based weapons and it looks like that day may finally be upon us. Yes folks, police in the UK are working toward tests of a handheld laser gun.

The weapon really looks like some sort of futuristic weapon we'd see in the movies, but this one just happens to be the real deal. It doesn't really fire a laser beam that will burn a hole through someone, but instead blinds enemies with a wall of light that can stretch up to 13-feet wide. Designed by a former Royal Marine commando, they claim it can dazzle and incapacitate an enemy from 1,065-feet away.

The laser rifle was originally designed to repel pirate on vulnerable cargo ships, but it is now being considering for riot control and similar uses. UK government scientists have been impressed by the new non-lethal weapon and they will move forward by asking police to test the device.

The guns are said to cost somewhere in the £25,000 (about $40,000) range and they also feature an infrared scope so targets can be spotted in low visibility situations. The Home Office says more testing and guidelines have to be put in place, but if all goes well the UK police may have new weapon for their arsenal.


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