iPad 3 Lands In 3-4 Months According To Suppliers

Last March saw the reveal and release of the iPad 2 just as the web had predicted and now, according to DigiTimes, it looks like the iPad 3 may be hitting store shelves around the same time in 2012. If you've been holding out to upgrade from the original iPad you may be in luck, but these are just rumors so don't get too excited.

Digitimes claims that parts for the new device, which is thought to be getting a Retina display upgrade, have already begun shipping to contractors like Foxconn for assembly. According to the report Apple could already be slowing down production of the current model, iPad 2, to prepare for iPad 3's inevitable production run.

No one can really say what the iPad 3 will have in store for all of us eager to get our hands on one, but rumor and speculation point to a new A6 processor and the earlier mentioned Retina display. Earlier reports have also claimed the new device could be thinner than the iPad 2, but I personally don't think that's necessary, do you?

Apple usually does a pretty good job releasing new products around the same time every year (aside from the unusually late iPhone 4S) so it wouldn't be too surprising to see the third generation iPad show it's face. Again, it's just rumor for now, but we'll fill you in anything else we hear.

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