Open Bottles Like a God Thanks to Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys is now in the business of getting you drunk quicker and with much less effort than ever before thanks to their upcoming line of superhero-related bottle openers! Cap and Silver Surfer are both in the pipeline (what better use for that patriotic shield, right?), but today we're taking a look at Moljnir--the bottle opener of the gods! With this, everyone, 21 and over, is worthy of hefting the mighty hammer of Thor and unleashing mind-numbing beverages that make you believe you're far more attractive and powerful than you really are! Magic, indeed! Read on for all the info straight from our drinkin' buddies at DST!

When you think about it, there are probably very few superheroes that use bottle openers. Cap and Spidey have super-strong thumbs, Wolverine has his claws, Iron Man definitely has that function built into his suit (he may even have a corkscrew), and Hawkeye probably has a trick arrow that does the job. And Thor? He just breaks the top of the bottle off on a table and drinks from the jagged remnant. But what's the average mortal to do? The standard bottle opener is the only route available, although Diamond Select Toys has come up with a way to look more heroic while doing it. Starting in early 2012, DST will release a series of Marvel Comics-based bottle openers to comic shops and specialty stores (available through Diamond's Previews catalog), beginning with the Mighty Thor's hammer! Look for Mjolnir to drop just after the New Year, but be warned: Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be thirsty, shall possess the power of Thor! (Not really, although you will possess the power of levers. Are they science, magic... or one and the same?)


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