"Occupy Comics" With Alan Moore, Steve Niles, David Lloyd, and Mike Allred

By Danica Davidson

Occupy Wall Street has been in the news a lot lately, and the protests — and protests against the protests — have moved over into the comics world. A group of graphic novelists supporting the Occupy movement, organized by Matt Pizzolo, has sprung up: Occupy Comics. The group will publish materials influenced by the Occupy movement and donate their proceedings to help the protesters.

Explaining its vision, the Occupy Comics website says, “I think artists & writers of comic books have a unique ability to evoke broad ideas and ideals in captivating, dramatic ways. So I’m reaching out to artists & writers in the comics community about this . . . Comics is a small world compared to scale the protests have taken, but think globally act locally, right? A single piece of art can ultimately transcend everything else.”

It was actually some anti-Occupy talk that might have started all this dialogue in the comics industry. 300 graphic novelist Frank Miller took issue with the protesters recently, writing some scathing indictments of them on his website: “Occupy is nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists, an unruly mob, fed by Woodstock-era nostalgia and putrid false righteousness,” he said. “These clowns can do nothing but harm America.”

Some people sided with him and some people defended his right to free speech, but others had an overwhelmingly negative response. One such person taking issue with Miller’s comments is Watchmen and V for Vendetta writer Alan Moore.

In an interview with Honest Publishing, Moore said, “It’s about what I’d expect from him [Miller]. It’s always seemed to me that the majority of the comics field, if you had to place them politically, you’d have to say centre-right. . . . So yes I think it would be fair to say that me and Frank Miller have diametrically opposing views upon all sorts of things, but certainly upon the Occupy movement."

Moore, who supports the Occupy movement, is one of the latest names to get involved with Occupy Comics, and Matt Pizzolo is thrilled to have him aboard. Among the notable names of other members are David Lloyd (who worked on V for Vendetta with Moore), Steve Niles, Mike Allred, and J.M. DeMatteis. The creative team of V for Vendetta joining Occupy Comics is an irony worth noting, since the Guy Fawkes mask is already being used by some members of the Occupy movement.

Follow the news about Occupy Comics at their website.

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