Cool Webcomic: Fraction and Fox's "For God And Country" At GQ

By Danica Davidson

Gentlemen’s Quarterly is currently featuring the webcomic “For God and Country: An Illustrated Account of the Raid on Osama bin Laden,” penned by Casanova writer Matt Fraction and illustrated by Nathan Fox.

Some of it is based on fact, while some of it is admittedly conjecture. In several pages, it shows the SEAL raid on bin Laden’s compound. “The original editorial directive was to tell the story from OBL’s perspective but, aside from not caring to get inside the man’s head, the more I researched that night, the more in awe I became of the DEVGRU/Seal operators who performed the raid — and the more I decided their story demanded telling, too,” said Fraction in an annotated section of the webcomic you can access by scrolling over icons spread throughout the work.

Special annotations by Fraction and Fox can be found at the "i" icons throughout the comic

“Looking for some way to weave both ‘sides’ of the event together, I had the idea of doing a sort of ‘as above, so below’ device where the OBL story occupied the top half of the page, the Seals were the bottom, and both halves converged on the final page,” he went on. And Fox credited colorist Jeromy Cox with setting a lot of the claustrophobic mood of the piece: "Jeromy Cox's colors here — the night vision, OBL's isolation — really blew me away..."

You can read "For God and Country" in its entirety at

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