Mojang And LEGO Team Up For 'Minecraft' LEGO Sets!

LEGO bricks let us use our imagination to build and design nearly anything in the physical world. Minecraft for PCs lets us use our imagination to build and design nearly anything in a virtual world. Now, Minecraft developer Mojang and the LEGO Group are joining forces to bring us Minecraft-themed LEGO sets!

The project began as a fan-created idea from users "suparMacho" and "koalaexpert" on the LEGO Cuusoo website - a place where LEGO enthusiasts can share their ideas with actual LEGO employees. If a submitted idea gets support from 10,000 different users it will be reviewed by a "LEGO jury" and possibly become an actual product.

It didn't take long for Mojang to jump in on the action and in only 48 hours the Minecraft LEGO idea reached it's goal of 10,000 supporters. Before that had even happened Mojang announced they were working directly with LEGO to get things rolling on what is clearly a perfect match.

LEGO says the review process takes 1-2 weeks and when they are finished they will make a “go/no-go” decision and inform all of us eager fans. If all goes well the project will then head into the development stage, the longest process according to LEGO. This is where the LEGO masterminds get together and refine the product for sale. They create the box and instructions and begin marketing the product.

Unfortunately, the development process takes several months, so we won't be seeing any Minecraft LEGO sets on store shelves for quite some time (if at all). However, we'll be sure to fill you in with all the details when LEGO and Mojang make an official announcement regarding this awesome project. Keep those finger crossed, Minecraft fans.

[LEGO Cuusoo]

Image credit: Michael Thomas (suparMacho)

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