Voltron, X-Statix, and Watchmen - New Comics for 12/7/11

Welcome to December, the most wonderful comics month of the year! Or at least, another month in the year when there are also comic books. This week we’ve got a bunch of Spider-Men, Strange Talents, and Bad Doings, so let’s get to it.

The one release we’re most excited about, that falls in the category of “Things We Can’t Afford And Don’t Have Room For?” THE X-STATIX OMNIBUS. Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s brilliant deconstruction of celebrity mutants in the Marvel Universe was classic, controversial, and thankfully presented in full in this gigantic collection. Not only that, but you get – we think – every other appearance of the characters in X-Statix, from The Wolverine/Doop miniseries, to even several short stories presented in other collections. Point being, if you’ve never read it, and have the cash, this is a must buy.

Other hardcover collections you might want to check out? BAD DOINGS AND BIG IDEAS, which collects a number of Fables creator Bill Willinghams’ other work for Vertigo… A lot of it is Sandman related stories, but there’s a few randoms in there, too. Oh, and if you want to bone up for Watchmen 2, DC is luckily releasing a new printing of WATCHMEN: THE ABSOLUTE EDITION. Gonna have to update that soon, I think, as it will no longer be absolute.

Continuing on the DC bent, we’ve got ANIMAL MAN #4, which hopefully keeps up the high quality and horror from the first three issues. Same goes for SWAMP THING #4 and DETECTIVE COMICS #4, all of which have broken from the pack of New 52 books and headed to the top of our pull list.

Also there? OMAC #4, which continues Dan Didio and Keith Giffen’s shockingly fun smash-a-thon through the DC Universe. Some reviewers have derided the book for just being a techno version of The Hulk. I say, why is that a problem?

Also at Vertigo? SWEET TOOTH #28, which continues the – possible – origin of the animal baby plague that’s the centerpiece of the book, with beautiful art by Matt Kindt. And HELLBLAZER ANNUAL #1, a stand-alone tale from Peter Milligan and Simon Bisley, that should not be confused with the previous HELLBLAZER ANNUAL #1 that came out in 1989.

Over at Marvel, it’s Spider-Man galore, with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #675 and AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #2. The former is the second part of Dan Slott’s reinvention of The Vulture, while the latter teams Spidey with the Red Hulk versus an underground army. So, fun times.

The big draw this week, though, is DEFENDERS #1 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson, which promises to bring the big weird to the Marvel Universe. Also hopefully weird? X-CLUB #1, a mini-series starring the fan favorite X-Men’s science team. Oh, and there’s also HULK #45, which wraps up the Hulk of Arabia storyline. We can’t wait!

Over at Image, we’re most excited about THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE #3, which is actually finding a new spin on the superhero origin story in strange, violent ways. HEART #2 continues Blair Butler’s MMA story, and REED GUNTHER #6 continues one of our favorite new all-ages titles starring a cowboy and a bear. So a good week all around.

Finally, over at Dynamite, we’ve BOYS #61, which finds Garth Ennis starting the end-game on his title, and VOLTRON #1, which you probably already know if you’re buying or not.

And that’s it! What are you looking forward to, Geeks?

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