10 Geeky Bento Box Designs

Kids sometimes turn up their nose at packed lunches, favoring more "fun" foods like cafeteria-made pizza vegetables. But any child (or child-at-heart) would definitely not trade these fanciful and quite edible works of geeky art for a candy bar or potato chips:

Where The Wild Things Are by AnnaTheRed:

The Muppets by Disney Family:

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Lunchbox Awesome:

Legend of Zelda's "Cartoon Link" by My Meal Box:

This adorable Sailor Moon piece was an entry in a Japanese bento box competition:

Calvin and Hobbes by AnnaTheRed:

Phineas and Ferb by Lunchbox Awesome:

Angry Birds by My Meal Box:

Snoopy and Woodstock by Lunchbox Awesome:

Chewbacca by Disposable Aardvarks:

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