Torchwood's John Barrowman Catches Thief, Offers Him Job

In a news story that would actually seem MORE believable if it was a first person account by a Unicorn, Torchwood star John Barrowman went from fictional to real life action star when he tackled a thief his Glasgow hotel… And then offered him a job.

Barrowman is currently in Glasgow performing Robinson Crusoe (don’t worry this story continues to make less sense as it continues) in pantomime (the UK word for a musical theater performance), and was relaxing at his hotel when an older couple called, “Stop him stop him!” according to WalesOnline. Turns out, two teenagers were robbing the older couple’s room, and would have been stopped by a concierge if one of the criminal duo hadn’t punched him in the face.

Barrowman immediately sprang into action, calling Eve Myles for help, though she bitterly resented him for “dragging me back into this life again.” Just kidding. He actually shouted out orders to the other hotel employees to block exits, then proceeded to chase down the thief. Barrowman jumped at him, grabbing him by the ankles and holding him to the ground until help could arrive, which sounds like the description of every Torchwood sex scene ever, doesn’t it?

Anywho, Barrowman remanded the youth to the custody of the police, who proceeded to twirl their mustaches and say, “Wots all this then?” Barrowman, meanwhile, returned to performing in his show, and even went as far as to publicly offer the thief a job, because he’s an amazing human being.

“It was sad,” said Barrowman. “He was only 14 or 15. I think he was on drugs. But I'd like to find out the boy's story and give him a second chance. Maybe he could work in the pantomime over Christmas to give him a sense of responsibility.”

The second thief is currently still on the loose, and probably kicking himself for not getting caught, because then not only could he have met a celebrity, he’d have a job. Sucks for you, second thief!

Also sad? If Barrowman had just let the thief go, he would have finally had motivation to continue his fight on crime, after the kid murdered his Uncle. That’s how that always works, right?

Via Agent M Loves Tacos

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