10 Sexy, Sexy Comic Books... That Are Also Really Good

With all the recent hubbub about sex in comic books, it’s easy to forget: sometimes, they get it right. Sometimes, a comic book is actually sexy, and not just exploitative. Here are ten comic books that are sexy, and also really, really good:

10. The Pro

Okay, not the best one to start a list off with… But the collaboration between Garth Ennis, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Connor, which gives a crack-head prostitute superpowers has a secret weapon: Connor’s drawings, which are ALWAYS sexy… Even when things get gross. Okay, maybe not when they get totally gross, but this is a book that knows that sex can sometimes be silly and fun, too.

9. X-Force: Sex & Violence

Hey, it’s there in the title, right? Luckily, writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost deliver, as Marvel’s most extreme mutants – Wolverine and Domino – take time off from blasting people to smithereens to, er, blast each other to smithereens. Which is not an expression people use.

8. Batman: Son of the Demon

This classic Batman story finds Bruce Wayne settling down with the daughter of one of his greatest enemies, Talia al Ghul. While he’s there? He spends copious time training with Ra’s al Ghul, and between the sheets with Talia… Even ending up having a son with her. So, that’s how babies are made, you guys.

7. Blankets

Craig Thompson’s most recent work – Habibi – spends most of its running time showing up how unsexy sex can be, before delving into true physical connection. His first work – Blankets – goes in the opposite direction, showing a relationship falling apart. But before it does, this is the closest you can get to watching two people making love without getting arrested… In most states.

6. New X-Men

Cyclops cheats on Jean Grey by psychically hooking up with the formerly evil White Queen… It sounds like fan fiction, but its written by Grant Morrison, and drawn by Frank Quitely, so its actually like really good fan fiction.

5. Sky Doll

A French comic published here in the states by Marvel, Sky Doll shows what happens when a sex doll wants to be something more. The book doesn’t shy away from sex, or what it means… Before ultimately settling on something more earnest and human. Though there’s also a lot of sex.

4. Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score

You don’t need nudity to be sexy, as Darwyn Cooke showed in his prequel to his and Ed Brubaker’s reinvention of Catwoman. It’s Cooke’s line-work here that’s sensual, making the character ooze sexuality through every pore as she goes on a Vegas adventure… While never having her shed her clothes.

3. Love and Rockets

Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s ground-breaking series looks at the lives and loves of various characters living in the Latin American town of Palomar. It’s set in the “real” world, and allows its characters to change and grow. And part of what happens as you change and grow? Yup, sex. The Hernandez’s never cheapen what’s going on, though, and the sex scenes – and sexiness of the main characters – is always earned.

2. Concrete: The Human Dilemma

You wouldn’t think a comic book about a big guy made out of rocks would be sexy, but (spoilers here) when Concrete finally “hooks up” with Maureen – which ends up getting him (yes, him) pregnant – it may just be the sexiest scene in the history of comics.

1. Empowered

Adam Warren’s series started as a thumb on the nose to the many, many fans who asked him to draw superheroines in bondage at conventions. The book stars one just like that, who gets her powers from her, very, very easily torn costume. She gets tied up all the time, has a ton of sex with her boyfriend, and one time, her best ninja friend even had sex with a demon god trapped in a mechanical belt. But despite having the trappings of a sex comic, Warren always makes sure, not to just be tasteful, but also let his characters grow and change. Sex scenes happen because they tell us something about the character… Though sometimes they are played for a laugh. Regardless, if you’re looking for a sexy fun series that’s also excellent, look no further than Empowered.

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