Blindly Boxed Evil: Our Living Dead Dolls Figurine Review

Blind-boxed toys are both extremely popular right now AND incredibly addicting. Not knowing what toy you'll open up can cause fits in some as the buy up entire cases of toys from Kid Robot, Disney Vinylmation, etc., in order to score the one little bobble they have their toy-lovin' eye on! Well, our friends at Mezco Toyz have thrown their hats in the ring with the release of the new Living Dead Dolls Figurines. Are these new toys as cute as vinyl releases from other companies? Are they as horrifyingly creepy as the Living Dead Dolls? Could they possibly be both?! Read on to find out as we review these tiny, addictive wonders.

The toys come in a typical display, filled to the brim with boxes of evil. The design art for all 5 figures in the set are displayed at the top along with percentage listings of just how hard it is to score the one you want.

Each box is not only glued shut, but each figure is also wrapped in a foil package-- so no peeking! The boxes are adorned with the logo along with the same design art from the display and the foil package also sports the Living Dead Dolls logo. Also, the packaging can be tough to open. We used our teeth. Should you? No, use scissors. We don't need a bunch of lawsuits on our hands thanks to your broken incisors.

This is Dawn. She's a fairly common figure and we opened no less than 5 of her while trying to acquire a set for review. Now we have those little corpses sitting all over the place! She's painted very well and, like the rest of the set, is made of more rigid plastic than the softer vinyl we're accustomed to for blind boxed figures. This sets them apart and allows for the tighter sculpting details used for these toys.

Jingles comes boxed with this nifty pentagram that's surrounded by candles. He stands on it easily, so no worries about having this undead jester make jokes and/or conjure demons.

Pumpkin's blood-spattered hands and sculpted to hold his ax tightly and also comes with a couple of his namesake trinkets. Pumpkin is the only one in the set that had some trouble keeping his balance. However, once we got him to stand up on his own, like a good little dead boy, he never toppled again.

This little devil is known as Calavera and in celebration of the Day of the Dead, has apparently dug up a grave and robbed the skull. Like the other LDD Figurines, Calavera is hand painted, but his face looks to be stenciled or tampographed on. Either way, it allows for very clean and intricate paintwork on a very small surface. He comes packaged with a dirt mound that has a shovel sticking out of it.

This is the Eggzorcist and is our personal favorite of the bunch. From the bunny suit to the noose hanging from her neck, this sucker is all about style! Detailing like the bugs climbing out of the Easter basket add a nice touch.

Above, you'll see an example of the variants to the set. There is one for each of the figures, with a 3rd secret variant for the Eggzorcist. "What does the secret one look like?" We have it, but there's no way we're gonna reveal it here and ruin the surprise! You'll just have to grab up some of these for yourselves!

Overall, these are some really fun toys and will be a conversation starter whether you put them on your desk at the office or fill your pockets with them before walking through an airport security checkpoint. The quality is top-notch and even with multiples of the same character, we could find paint differences, but no faults. Bravo for that Mezco!

For more on the Living Dead Dolls, including how to order your own, be sure to check out Mezco Toyz official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your LDD and Mezco Toyz coverage!

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