ComiXology and IDW Bringing a Night of Dungeons & Dragons to NYC

The mead can wait. NYC-local geeks should be celebrating America's drinking holiday on Wednesday night with a healthy dose of Dungeons & Dragons. In celebration of IDW's release of all 13 issues of their D&D book on ComiXology, the digital distributor will be holding a night of roleplaying at Jim Hanley’s Universe on 33rd Street.

The festivities will be overseen by Tavis Allison, veteran DM and founder of Adventuring Parties, LLC. Tavis's company specializes in hosting roleplaying-focused bachelor parties, birthday parties, or just about any event you can think of where you want dice involved, so expect a grand night of gaming.

Players need not have any experience with D&D to enjoy the event, but hopeful participants are asked to RSVP on the event's Facebook page if they want to guarantee a spot at the table. As an added bonus, if you show up with a D&D comic already loaded on your digital device of choice, you'll score a free ComiXology t-shirt.