Jun'ya Iyanaga is Your New Magic: The Gathering World Champion

Congratulations to Japan's Jun'ya Iyanaga on his improbable arrival as this year's Magic: The Gathering world champion! Although Iyanaga is a several-year veteran of professional Magic play, he was not on the tournament's radar until a last chance qualifier victory in the Magic Online Championship Series secured his seat at the big show. After 18 rounds of Swiss-style tournament play, Iyanaga faced off against Richard Bland of England in a best-of-5 series and made it look easy.

Iyanaga swept the series 3-0, but established his commanding lead by taking the second match with the aid of four devastating Galvanic Blast cards and their metalcraft ability. In the final match, he broke out his own take on the Wolf Ramp Run deck archetype and rode it to victory. For a closer look at exactly how Iyanaga won the championship, check out the full card listing of his deck.

The individual world championships weren't the only competition to take place at Magic Weekend, though, as Japan also took home the National Team Championship. Team Japan members Tomoya Fujimoto, Ryuichiro Ishida, and 2006 Individual World Champion Makihito Mihara won out over Team Norway.

Several matches play out at once as Team Japan takes on Team Norway

Other winners of the weekend include Reid Duke, who defeated Florian Pils for the Magic Online Championship; Owen Turtenwald, who locked up Player of the Year honors after a crowded field of other hopefuls fell short in Individual World Championship top 8 play; and Matthias Hunt, who claimed the Rookie of the Year title after fellow competitor Sveinung Bjørnerud missed a last-chance opportunity to pass Hunt when Team Norway fell in the National Team Championships.

If you missed any of the action and want to watch it go down as it happened, Wizards of the Coast has recordings of all of their live webcasts up for viewing.