‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ Launches At The Nintendo World Store

Exactly seven days since a gang of Marios took over Times Square to celebrate the launch of “Super Mario 3D Land,” Nintendo’s most notable tunic wearing adventurer, Link, was launching his own game, just a few blocks away. The Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center was taken over this weekend by Zelda fans as they lined up a day before “Skyward Sword” was officially released to grab an early copy of the game and take part in the festivities, which also helped commemorate the series’ 25th Anniversary. Trivia, a scavenger hunt, and a chance to take their picture with the Master Sword awaited anyone that braved the block-long line.

Starting at 9 AM on Saturday morning, Zelda fans were able to get their hands on Link’s latest adventure; the first of which was the infamous, power-glove-wearing, appropriately named, Nintendo fanboy, Triforce, head of New York City based gaming clan, Empire Arcadia.

(Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/AP Images for Nintendo of America)

After fans purchased their copy of the game (complete with a limited edition poster), they were able to roam around the store in search of questions like the one below to complete a Zelda trivia scavenger hunt. Unfortunately, the only prize was, as described by one of the folks manning the scavenger hunt table, was “Zelda knowledge.”

Any fans that were looking for a new Facebook photo to commemorate their early morning trip to Nintendo World, could step into Link’s boots (figuratively, of course) and pose with a replica of the Master Sword from “Skyward Sword.”

After that they could be amongst their brethren fans, and take a tour of the recently redone Nintendo Museum and gaze at 25 years worth of Zelda games and paraphernalia, walk amongst their brethren, or gaze at Nintendo World’s largest Triforce.

Link even made an appearance at his own event, albeit in a more rigid form than Mario last week. Also, it appears Link is a big Pokémon fan, who knew?

All in all, it was another successful Nintendo launch event that was truly for the fans, at least the ones that didn’t rush home right away to begin their adventure in “Skyward Sword.”

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