Archangel Soars Onto Shelves Courtesy of Kotobukiya

Did you take a look at that first photo?! Go ahead and take another peek. Let that pile of badassery soak in for a second and then ask yourself,"Why am I even reading these words and not scrolling through more photos of Kotobukiya's Archangel Fine Art Statue from their X-Force Series?" It's because you're insane. Obviously.

That's okay "Crazypants", cause Warren Worthington happens to be off his rocker as well. Hit the "more" tab to read all about Archangel's info straight from our friends at Kotobukiya. Don't worry-- there are lots of photos as well.

X-Force is the hottest mutant team right now in the Marvel Universe, with the current Uncanny X-Force series burning up the shelves everywhere.  Teaming up the most vicious and morally flexible heroes, Wolverine leads the ultimate strike force willing to do anything, at any time to protect the world’s mutant population.  Fourth in a series of all-new X-Force Fine Art Statues is the high-flying carefree mutant turned killing machine ARCHANGEL!  One of the original five X-Men (debuting back in 1963), Warren Worthington III was a rich boy with white feathered wings who came to be known as Angel.  He worked alongside Cyclops, Beast, and the rest for years as X-Men before creating the team known as X-Factor.  At that time the evil mastermind Apocalypse orchestrated an attack that resulted in the removal of Warren’s organic wings, which the villain replaced with techno-organic wings based on celestial technology.  Under the control of Apocalypse Warren became the soldier Death, though he later came to his senses and returned to the side of good.  Forever altered by his experiences, the once happy go lucky Angel became the brooding Archangel, whose deadly bladed wings and fierce battle fury made him a perfect fit for the new X-Force!

Archangel swoops into battle, touching down on the shattered landscape and ready to spring into flight at a moment’s notice; the aerial mutant rests on his toes with muscles tensed for action as you can see through his skin-tight uniform.  Warren is captured in an iconic comic book pose half-turned with arms extended forward and at his side, with his amazingly detailed metal wings (all four of them!) spread out behind him.  Utilizing the stealth of X-Force, Archangel’s uniform is black with silver effects that match the color of his techno-organic wings.  The stark color scheme is broken up only by Warren’s face (tinged blue by Apocalypse’s meddling), red eyes, and blonde eyebrows.

Archangel’s wingtips tower nearly 18 inches high, and he’s in perfect 1/6th scale with the other X-Force members X-23, Deadpool, and Warpath.  Sculpted by Erick Sosa, the dark hero is mounted on a unique georama base depicting a smashed brick-covered column.  Catch this incredible Archangel while you can!

srp $229.99

Available May 2011.

For updates on Archangel and all of his X-Force cohorts, be sure to check out Kotobukiya's official website!

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