The 10 Best Comic Book Gifts For Women Who Aren't Comic Book Readers (Yet)

Whenever someone asks, “What should I give the woman in my life who doesn’t read comic books, but wants to get started?” And the answer is always, “Sandman!” But there are other options, aren’t there? Other comics that will sell a new reader or any gender (but, you know, specifically the ladies)? For sure, friends! And lucky you, here’s a list of 10 fabulous comic book gifts for members of the fairer sex that are more off the beaten path:

For The Woman Who Has Gotten Tired of Disney Movies…


Bill Wllingham’s long running, ongoing Vertigo series mixes fairy tale characters into real life New York for a heady mix of humor, adventure, and intrigue starring Snow White and a detective named Bigby Wolf (get it?)… It might sound like certain TV shows currently on the air, but trust us, it’s way better than they are.

For The Woman Who Likes The Horror…

Locke & Key

We can’t sing the praises of this terrifying series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez enough. There’s as much emphasis on the character and family drama as there is on the mystical keys that populate the house the Locke family lives in – oh, and the evil entity who wants them all dead.


Tim Seeley’s riff on the slasher genre posits: what if that one girl alive at the end of a killer rampage went on a killer rampage herself… Killing slashers? Full of movie in jokes, and featuring one of the most kick-butt heroines in modern comics, the first couple of trades in particular are modern classics.

For The Woman Who Still Hasn’t Gotten Over Buffy Being Cancelled…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dark Horse’s officially sanctioned Buffy series starts off brilliantly in “Season 8,” then even by creator Joss Whedon’s own admission went off the deep end, and is back on track in the currently running “Season 9.” But hand any Buffy fan the first few Season 8 collections, and they’ll be five by five with comics for life.

For The Fan Of Lawyer Shows…

She-Hulk Vol 1: Single Green Female

Dan Slott’s brilliant Marvel series took the Hulk’s slightly less savage cousin, and got her hired at a law firm representing superheroes… As a lawyer. Equal measures Law & Order, loopy comedy, and superhero action, this is a great series that was cancelled far too soon.

For The Woman Who Likes It Weird…


Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon’s insane spy series takes its hero, plops him in an alternate universe where evil is good and vice versa… And then things get weird.

Gingerbread Girl

Annah may have had a piece of her brain extracted, transformed into her own twin, and now she can talk to animals. Or she may be crazy. Either way, Paul Tobin’s easy prose, and Colleen Coover’s whimsical illustrations are a perfect match… And a great pick for anyone looking for something off the beaten path.

For The Romantic Video Game Nerd…

Scott Pilgrim

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s ground breaking Oni series should appeal to fans of video games, manga, or just things that are crazy amounts of fun. Scott Pilgrim is a slacker in Toronto refusing to grow up, who instead of just hanging out with his terrible band, has to fight his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes… To the death.

For The Woman Who Maybe Would Like a Superhero Comic Maybe?


Robert Kirkman’s teen superhero series starts out slow, and then amps things up a notch with non-stop action, romance, and gigantic, universe destroying twists. But it really is the relationships – the ongoing soap opera – that keep us coming back to this series.

For The Anyone Who Likes Funny Stuff…

Hark! A Vagrant!

Webcomic pro Kate Beaton takes on everything from Napoleon to Jane Eyre is this gut-bustingly funny collection of her best online work (and more). If you like to laugh (which I hope is everybody), you better pick this up.

BONUS CHOICES! If you ran through the above, and thought, “That’s not for the lady in my life!” Here’s another few choices: Courtney Crumrin, Box Office Poison, Wonder Woman (George Perez or Greg Rucka), Y The Last Man, Blankets, and yes, Sandman.

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