What? Another EXCLUSIVE Look at 2012 ThunderCats Toys?!

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's ThunderCats action figure reveals, and today we're bringing you an exclusive first look at a couple of the newest vehicles to hit shelves in 2012! Both Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger and the Armor of Omens are part of the 4" line of ThunderCats toys and are based on designs on the terrific animated series on Cartoon Network. while the tons of photos we have would help satiate fan's appetites, we also took some time to talk with Amanda Burns, marketing brand manager with Bandai America Incorporated about both vehicles and what they can do.

Read on for our interview, tons of photos, a video clip...ehhh, you get the idea!

MTV Geek: Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger has a very nice design, and gives fans an opponent for the ThunderTank. Did Bandai develop this design for use in the animated series or was it a collaborative effort with the show's producers?

Amanda Burns: Originally Mumm-Ra’s Storm Charger wasn’t going to play a huge roll in the show, but when we saw the concept for Mumm-Ra’s vehicle from WB, we thought it was one bad ass design and a great counterpoint for the ThunderTank. In the classic show there wasn’t really any vehicle that could stand up to the ThunderTank and we thought this was a great opportunity for us in the toy line. With that being said, we definitely worked with WB to emphasize the importance of the Storm Charger.

Geek: We were surprised to see a newly-sculpted Mumm-Ra figure is being packaged with the Storm Charger. Tell us a little about the design of this figure and it's action features.

Amanda Burns: The New Mumm-Ra sculpt is sculpted in a way that the palm of his hands actually light up and become the Storm Chargers eye/headlight “Light Up” feature using the ThunderLynx activation system.

Geek: While the Storm Charger has been seen in the animated series, is this our first look at the Armor of Omens? Is this giant mech a close proximation of what we'll be seeing on-screen?

Amanda Burns: The Armor of Omens first appeared in an Episode 7 Lion-O flashback sequence, which features an epic battle between Armor of Omens and the Armor of Plun-darr. The actual design of Armor of Omens had gone through some design changes midway through our development process, so we worked closely with WB in making sure the toy replicated what you see in the show. In addition, the Armor of Omens is in scale with our 4” scale figures, making it perfect to display with the rest of your line.

Geek: What action features appear on the Armor of Omens?

Amanda Burns: The included exclusive golden Lion-O has the ThunderLynx Embedded magnet and when placed inside the body of the Armor of Omens, unlocks the lights in the eyes and activates multiple sound efx like “Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Hooo!”

Geek: The Armor also comes equipped with a gold Lion-O 3 3/4" figure. Is this just a fun variation, or does it have more relevance in relation to the animated source material?

Amanda Burns: The golden Lion-O is more than just a fun variation on the figure and goes along with the storyline surrounding the Armor of Omens.

Geek: Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger is the obvious alternative to the ThunderCats' ThunderTank. Will there be a villain-centric version of the Armor of Omens?

Amanda Burns: The Armor of Omens does battle the Armor of Plun-darr in that episode, so safe to say our Armor of Omens will need a nemesis to battle!

Geek: When can we expect to see these two new pieces of ThunderCats armament in stores?

Amanda Burns: Some of the Spring 2012 product line may be creeping onto store shelves as early as December, but for sure January and February in store.

So, that's all the photos from the new toys for right now. To ease your pain, here's a video clip featuring the Storm Charger in action:


ThunderCats, Ep. 6: 'Journey to the Tower of Omens' Clip

For more on the entire ThunderCats toy line, be sure to check out Bandai's official website!

Stay tuned for all your ThunderCats coverage from the hit show to all the toys!

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