Gift Guide: Apps, Games And Accessories For iPhone and iPad

There are so many apps, games and accessories available for our iOS devices it's almost disgusting. To give everyone a hand picking out some cool gear and software for the Apple fanatic in their life this holiday season we decided to put together a list of 10 of our favorite iPhone and iPad games and accessories. Enjoy!

Apple Digital AV Adapter - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

We'll start with the basics. Watching TV shows and movies from iTunes and Netflix on the iPad can be great. But if you're not on the go why confine the entertainent to such a small screen? Apple's Digital AV Adapter lets you connect an HDMI cable to your iPhone 4, iPad and 4th Gen. iPod Touch so you can watch movies and even play games like Angry Birds on an HDTV! You can pick one up for $39 from the Apple Store, though you'll also need an HDMI cable -- Amazon usually has them for a good price.

Duo Pop - iPad

I have a lot of fun playing board games like Scrabble on my iPad, but I have always struggled to find a good multiplayer trivia game -- thankfully, Discovery Bay has recently introduced Duo Pop. Duo Pop comes with four buzzers and connects to iPad via Wi-Fi allowing friends and family to play several trivia games -- Guesstimation, Highlights Hidden Pictures Countdown, Got It, Swoop, and Saturday Night Live - The Game. It costs $40 at

JAMBOX by Jawbone - iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch

iPhone and iPod docks can be a hassle sometimes, but the JAMBOX aims to change all that with a portable form factor and wireless connectivity. It connects to your iPhone, iPod or iPad via Bluetooth or a standard 3.5mm audio cable and willplayback music, movies and even phone calls. It's also compatible with any other Bluetooth device. It's a little pricey coming in at $176 from Amazon, but it would make a great gift.

Ion Audio Piano Apprentice - iPad

Does your little Apple fanatic want to learn how to play piano? If so you should definitely check out the Piano Apprentice. Plug in the iPad and download the free lessons app and the Piano Apprentice will use lighted keys to guide through the learning process. It features a lightweight portable design and can run off batteries or the included AC adapter. They go for $100 on the Ion Audio website.

G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 - iPad

Lets face it, that brand new iPad is going to get dropped at some point, regardless of how careful we are. Most iPad cases wont protect from a drop or serious impact and the best chance for your iPad to survive a nasty spill is with the G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2. You can watch G-Form drop a 12-pound bowling ball on an iPad and pick one up for about $70 at

Mophie Juice Pack - iPhone/iPod Touch

No matter how long our iPhone or iPod Touch battery lasts, it never seems to last long enough. If you're looking for a good case and little extra battery life the Juice pack is the way to go. There are two models -- the Juice Pack Air features a 1500mAh battery and the Juice Pack Plus kicks it up to 2000 mAh. They go for $80 and $100 respectively at

WildChords - iPad

Awarded the Ludus Project’s “Best European Learning Game 2011,” WildChords provides budding musicians with 26 free guitar lessons with more available via in-app purchase. The game can be played with an electric or acoustic guitar and provides instant feedback on proper chord and scales execution and the players progress. There is also an in-game tuner so nothing other than a guitar is needed. WildChords will be available worldwide November 17th.

Zombie Gunship - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Zombie Gunship takes the whole "lets kill us some zombies" genre in a fresh, new direction. Rather than running around with a baseball bat or chainsaw the $.99 game has us dismembering the undead from an airborne gunship - something Call of Duty fans out there will definitely be familiar with. Check it out in the App Store.

Tiny Wings - iPhone/iPod Touch

It's all about timing in Tiny Wings. Touch the screen to make your bird gain some speed and then release while going up hill to launch the bird into the sky. It's very easy to learn and provides hours of entertainment, especially if you have friends to compare highscores with. For $.99 gifting this app through the App Store is a no-brainer.

iTunes Gift Cards

There are a ton of apps and games available from the App Store with more and more being added everyday. Why limit the gift of giving to just the holidays? With an iTunes Gift Card you can get your techie gifts all year long and they are available everywhere from the brick-and-mortar Apple Store to the Walgreens at the end of your street.

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