Behold, Jim Lee Redesigns Darkseid For 'Justice League' #4!

This just in: the New 52 has no place for manly miniskirts, remains pro-shoulder armor.

DC isn't wasting any time getting Darkseid and the New Gods into the New 52, revealing Jim Lee's redesign of the Kirby creation over on their Source Blog which will be showing up in December's Justice League #4. The current arc of the flagship Justice League has Batman, Superman and company stumbling onto some New Gods tech, and when Boom Tubes pop up, DC's Kirbyverse is sure to follow.

The original Darkseid really know how to rock a man-skirt

For those of you unfamiliar with the villain or the whole Fourth World cosmology, here's the super-quick rundown: if the New Gods are Kirby's other sci-fi riff on the gods of myth, then Darkseid is its Hades, its devil. As conceived by Kirby, the character, from his seat of power on his planet Apokalips, seeks nothing less than the subjugation of all free will in the universe through the use of the "Anti-Life Equation." We haven't seen the character in the DCU since Final Crisis back in 2009, Grant Morrison's attempt to close the book on the New Gods--for a while, at least--ending with Batman using a bullet from beyond time to take out Darkseid and free Earth from subjugation.

So what do you think of Lee's redesign? I joked about the miniskirt thing at the top, but it's actually one of the most weirdly striking things about the character, more medieval and terrible somehow. I do like how Lee has added an omega motif to the costume, although the helmet design recalls the Anti-Monitor more than anything else. Weird... actually so does the pose, but I can't for the life of me remember which cover/"Crisis" this image evokes.

The Jim Lee-afied Darkseid makes his debut in Justice League #4, on sale on December 21st.

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