'Super Mario 3D Land' Launches In Times Square

Super Mario 3D Land In Times Square

First, Mario took over MTV Geek, and then, this past weekend, he ventured outside of 1515 Broadway, into the November cold, and took over Times Square. Setting up shop on Military Island, Nintendo celebrated to launch of "Super Mario 3D Land" with a real-life recreation of the game, tumbling Marios, Tanooki tails, and free mushroom pizza.

It all went down Saturday morning at about 10 AM as the public got their first glimpse of a what "Super Mario 3D" would look like, if, ya know, if it was real world 3D. To kick things off, a group of acrobatic Marios went about conquering the level by doing their best high-flying Mario impressions as they tore down Broadway. Avoiding piranha plants and Bullet Bills (as well as precariously placed press), they flipped off of trampolines, and ultimately, reclaiming the flag from Bowser, and triumphantly raised Mario's to the crowd's cheers.

After the short performance, the throngs of fans that amassed were able to experience "Mario 3D Land" for themselves, as well as score an official Mario 25th anniversary mustache, Tanooki ears and tail set to help complete their outfits for the event. After they were dressed appropriately, Mario's legions got to walk a mile in his shoes for a day, and spend some time wandering around "3D Land." Attendees were also able to pick up a copy of the game early at Toys 'R Us, and the social media minded that tweeted about the event were rewarded with free pizza.

This isn't the first time that Nintendo has taken over Times Square to promote one of their games (the "Wii Sports Resort" beach was one of their more recent endeavors), but it is one of the first times that Mario has gotten to stand in the spotlight on the Great White Way.

Here are some photos from the event:

Super Mario 3D Land In Times Square

Super Mario 3D Land In Times Square

Super Mario 3D Land In Times Square

Super Mario 3D Land In Times Square

Also, a pretty sweet time-lapse video of the set up courtesy of Nintendo:


Notice the line somehow formed before the crowd gathered. Now that's a dedicated fanbase.

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