Atlus To Publish Action RPG Based on 'Game of Thrones'

Atlus, the publisher behind the brilliant and bent J-RPGs in the Shin Megami Tensei series of games, is set to publish French developer Cyanide Studios' action-RPG based on Game of Thrones. Cyanide has actually posted a couple of screenshots for the 2012 release up on their blog. From the look of the images, this will be another adaptation of the source novels and not, in fact, a direct-tie in to the HBO series. Which means, of course, that we're still one step farther from having a CG Peter Dinklage on our consoles.

Cyanide is the studio behind 2009's fantasy-meets-football-meets-orcs Blood Bowl, and this isn't their first go-'round with the GoT franchise, having developed the PC strategy title Game of Thrones: Genesis which was released earlier this fall. That game was apparently a prequel to the fiction in the Song of Fire And Ice series, spanning 1000 years of conflict in the land that would become Westeros as you managed the heck out your resources and rushed the cities of opposing factions. Also: a lot of other strategy game stuff.

Presumably, an action-RPG bearing the GoT brand will likely have a lot more hacking and slashing and a lot less story

[via Giantbomb]

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Game of Thrones is coming to PC, the 360, and PS3 sometime in early 2012.


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