Check Out The Trailer For Miike's Live-Action 'Phoenix Wright'

This just in: Takashi Miike can and will get your licensed property movie in on time and under budget. That's what this trailer for the February release of the live-action Phoenix Wright reminds us, at least. Besides showing off some of the plot of the upcoming DS/GBA series adaptation, the trailer also reminds us that Japanese adaptations of games and manga do not get money to get made, they simply get made and the producers hope for the best. Still, it's hard to get pessimistic or complain too much given the relatively limited scope of the games.

Wright is being played by Nana and The Gokusen star Hiroki Narimiya, who, based on his list of credits, is no stranger to adaptations. He's joined by actress Mirei Kiritani as Phoenix's plucky assistant Maya (aka Reiji Mitsurugi in the Japanese original games) and Takumi Saito (13 Assassins, Space Battleship Yamamoto) as Wright's courtroom nemesis, corrupt and flamboyant prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth (aka Mayo Ayasato). And I can't be sure (the credits on IMBD and elsewhere are incomplete), but I think that's Miike's Audition star Ryo Ishibashi as Edgeworth's father or boss or something (they both share the same taste in ascots and hairstyles, at least). From the looks of the trailer, Edgeworth might be the one in hot water this time--ooh, will he have to team up with his archenemy to solve a murder for which he is accused?

Phoenix Wright will be released in Japan this February.

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